Sky Wallet desktop companion updated to v2.1

A couple of days ago I received three feature requests for the desktop companion:
- clear the cut/paste buffer when closing the desktop companion
- mask passwords in the view item page, showing them only after clicking an unlock button
- lock after some time of inactivity, like the phone app

Sky Wallet desktop companion 2.1 is now live, and it provides the first two features. The third one will be packed in a future update.

You can upgrade your copy using the link you received in the email with the activation code, or tapping the check for updates button in the about page of the desktop companion.

Please note: it seems some browsers don’t manage the download link correctly and they show an error, saying the item is not found.
If it happens to you, please check the URL in your browser: it should contain something like: “https://!106%5C?cid=…” or like “https://!106\?cid=…
To fix it, please replace %5C or \ with &, so the above string will become “https://!106&?cid=…”.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience… Version 2.1 of desktop companion provides a different URL for updates so you won’t have to care about the above issue the next time you’ll check for updates.

How to enable the ‘get desktop companion’ menu

Would you like to get Sky Wallet desktop companion but the ‘get desktop companion’ menu on the app is disabled? This post explains how it works and what to do to enable it.

First of all, you can get the desktop companion only from the full version of the app: on the trial version the menu is always disabled.

The desktop companion app needs to find an existing Sky Wallet data file on SkyDrive, so you have to connect the phone to SkyDrive and synchronize your data in order to let the desktop companion work. This is why you cannot get the desktop companion until you have connected the app to SkyDrive.

To connect Sky Wallet to SkyDrive go to the SkyDrive section of the Sky Wallet hub, tap the I agree button and sign in. Once you are signed in, choose the online folder you want to synchronize to and start a synchronization process to ensure your data file is copied to SkyDrive.
After that, the ‘get desktop companion’ menu is enabled and you can request the app!

About desktop companion update

The release of Sky Wallet 3.0 requires you to update to desktop companion 2.0 because of some changes. But there’s no revolution, just a couple of things that are different..

What didn’t change: your activation code.
You don’t need to request a new activation code in order to update to desktop companion 2.0. The activation code you received the first time you requested the desktop companion is still valid and you can use it for updates and to install the desktop companion on other PCs.
Also, the download URL where you can get the updated desktop companion is the same you received in the activation code email, so you can use it.

What changed: the wallet file extension.
Starting with Sky Wallet 3.0, the file on SkyDrive has .TXT extension. Only the extension changes, the file content is the same as before and is still encrypted and not accessible without your master password.
Since the file extension changed, you may get this error when synchronizing on the desktop companion:
"Sky Wallet could not find data on SkyDrive: please make sure you didn’t change your folder name and you didn’t remove Sky Wallet file on SkyDrive.
Also, please make sure you have upgraded Sky Wallet on your phone to version 3."
When choosing the SkyDrive folder on the desktop companion, you may also get this error :
"Sky Wallet could not find any file on SkyDrive.
Please make sure you are connecting to the right folder and you have synchronized your data from your phone."
To fix those errors, simply synchronize the phone app in order to make sure you have a new .txt file uploaded to SkyDrive. Then try again on the desktop companion.

Sky Wallet desktop companion v1.5 is live

I’ve just published an update to the desktop companion, reaching version 1.5.

What’s new? There are some minor updates and the ability to import data from CodeWallet text files.

I also added a new "check for updates" feature, that enables you to check if a new desktop companion version is available. You can find it in the About page.

The about page shows the current version number. Clicking the check for updates button you’ll be redirected to the download link of the desktop companion: check if the version number on the download page is newer than the current one!

As usual, feedback is welcome!

Sky Wallet desktop companion 1.3: data export

An update to Sky Wallet desktop companion has been released today. You’ll find it at the same web address where you downloaded the previous versions.

What’s new? Just one thing: data export to a clear text file, as announced yesterday.
Opening the settings window, you’ll find a new export data menu item.


The actual export process is simple: the app just requests the name of the file to export data to, then it automatically exports all items.

Data is exported to a CSV file, so you’ll be able to open such file using Office Excel.
Please note that the exported CSV cannot be imported back to Sky Wallet desktop companion. If you want a restorable backup, simply copy the encrypted SkyWalletData.wlt file to a safe location.

Please remember to remove from your hard drive any CSV exported file when it’s no longer needed. That file contains your unencrypted sensitive information, which should be always protected.

Exporting data with desktop companion

During the last weeks I received many requests to add the ability to export wallet data to any kind of clear text file from the desktop companion.

As discussed in some comments on this site, I was concerned about that feature, because creating a text file from wallet data may put sensitive information at risk. If you export your data to an unencrypted file and you forget to delete it from your hard drive when it’s no longer needed, your sensitive information may be at risk.
That’s the reason why that feature has not been implemented in the first release of the app.

Anyway, many of you really need that feature, so I added it to the desktop companion.
The next update to the application will enable you to export data to a CSV file, and it will be available in one or two days. I’ll post an announcement here, stay tuned!

Desktop companion updated to version 1.2

Yesterday I published an update to Sky Wallet desktop companion: version 1.2.

It won’t appear different than the previous versions, but it provides some fixes under the skin.

You can get it at same download link of the previous versions. You don’t need to uninstall the application before installing the update. Simply download and run the setup program: the app will be automatically updated.

Sky Wallet desktop companion updated!

An update to Sky Wallet desktop companion (version 1.1) has been published today!

What’s new?
First of all I want to thank you for your feedback and your valuable suggestions!
Here is a list of the most relevant updates provided by the new version:

- Data entry
To speed up data entry, the property name textbox now displays a dropdown list that enables you to choose the property name from a list, as on the phone app. That list contains all the property names used in other items and templates.

- Search
Search for items and open an entry from the search result list, then go back to the wallet page: now the search bar stays open when you go back to the wallet page, and it remembers the search query you entered before opening an item.

- Window layout
The app remembers the window’s size and position, and if you maximize it it does not overlap the taskbar.

– Data import
Solved some issues that made the app crash in particular import error conditions.

- Duplicate items
Now you can duplicate an item as you can do on the phone app. The duplicate button has been added to items in the wallet page.

- Delete items
Using version 1.0, the only way to delete an entry was to tap the delete button of the items in the wallet page.
Now you can delete an item also when you are editing or viewing it.

How can I get the update?
It’s easy! Open the link you received with your activation code and download the new file. If you have problems to access the download location please write an email.
You don’t need to uninstall the previous version, simply launch the new setup and it will automatically upgrade desktop companion to the new version.
To make sure you are running the new version of the app, open settings-about sky wallet and look at the version number: it should be 1.1.0

Running desktop companion from a pen drive

When I was planning the desktop companion, some of you asked me to design it as a “portable app”, to be able to run from a pen drive with low user privileges.

Sky Wallet desktop companion is distributed as a MSI setup package that installs on your hard drive and by default it saves data in a Sky Wallet folder under My Documents folder.
But it can also run from a pen drive!
First of all, install it on your hard drive, run the app, activate it and configure it in order to have your phone’s data file downloaded to your PC.
Then open the folder where you installed the application (by default it’s ‘C:\Program Files\Sky Wallet’ or ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Sky Wallet’ on 64bit systems), and copy SkyWallet.exe to your pen drive.
Open ‘My Documents\Sky Wallet’ folder, and copy SkyWalletData.wlt and SkyWalletSettings.cfg to the same folder on the pen drive where you copied SkyWallet.exe to.

Now answer this question: what are you going to do with the desktop companion on a pen drive?
Would you like to always run it from the pen drive, in order to use the same executable and data file on any PC, or would you like to run Sky Wallet from you hard disk on your PC and run it from the pen drive on other PCs?

If your answer is the first, so you want to always run Sky Wallet from a pen drive, simply uninstall Sky Wallet from your PC and remove ‘My Documents\Sky Wallet’ folder. You can run the app from your pen drive on any PC.

If your answer is the second because you want to run Sky Wallet from your hard drive on your personal PC, and you want to run it from a pen drive on other PCs, you have finished and you can remove the pen drive.
Run Sky Wallet on your PC using the shortcut in the start menu, and connect your pen drive to any other PC in order to run Sky Wallet there.

Don’t forget to synchronize every time you make some changes to your data and every time you run Sky Wallet: your data will be always up to date on all your devices!